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My interests and background are always evolving across multiple areas, I am mostly and constantly self-taught in everything I know. Now I am specially interested on Data Science, IT, Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Music, Aviation, Martial Arts, Finance and Algorithmic Trading, Photography, Psychology, Z80-based computers, Cooking, Economy and Business, Politics and many other fields of knowledge.

I live in Spain with my wife and sons, devoting most of my free time to them and to my studies and career.

At this moment I work as Senior Software Engineer at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. However I used to work as Business Intelligence consultant for British Telecom (BT) and am specialised in data and Scientific Computing, Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Statistical Analysis. I also have strong experience on Prince2-based project management, Agile methodologies and international distributed teams management.

This site aims to be the link among the different places where my public activity takes place, and a reflection of all that activity within a more personal environment.

Other places I am too: